Just a reminder to all ramen fans! Pork bone broth is "TONKOTSU", NOT "TONKATSU". TonkAtsu is breaded deep fried port cutlet, not pork bone broth!!
Hint: If a server says Tonkatsu Ramen at a restaurant, don't expect authentic ramen. Ton = Pork🐷, kotsu = Bone🍖

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Sanpoutei - East Village, NY🇺🇸 三宝亭 - イーストビレッジ、ニューヨーク

New York Ramen

Large ramen chain Sanpoutei from Niigata, Japan has just opened in the East Village on January 23, 2020! I had a chance to visit them on their opening day!
新潟の人気ラーメン店三宝亭がニューヨーク イーストビレッジに1月23日オープン!開店日に行ってきました!

 Niboshi Shoyu Ramen 煮干醤油ラーメン
 Homemade noodles! 自家製多加水麺!
 Their original bowl オリジナル丼
 Tried their gyoza too! 餃子もいただきました。
 Menu 1 
 Menu 2
Front of restaurant 店の前

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