Just a reminder to all ramen fans! Pork bone broth is "TONKOTSU", NOT "TONKATSU". TonkAtsu is breaded deep fried port cutlet, not pork bone broth!!
Hint: If a server says Tonkatsu Ramen at a restaurant, don't expect authentic ramen. Ton = Pork🐷, kotsu = Bone🍖

Friday, December 14, 2018

TabeTomo - East Village, NY🇺🇸 たべとも - イーストビレッジ、ニューヨーク

New York Ramen

Visited a tsukemen shop by popular Tsujita in Los Angeles which just opened in New York City in November 2018.  They specialize in tsukemen, which is a dipping type of ramen, and also offering Jiro style ramen. (same name but nothing to do with me)
Tonkotsu Tsukemen - thick tonkotsu soup with lots of bean sprout, pork belly chashu, spinach, and port fat.  They offer hot stone for the soup once you are done with the noodles to heat up the soup.
豚骨つけ麺 - 濃厚スープにもやし沢山、豚バラチャーシュー、ほうれん草、背脂

No signs outside  
Avenue A on a rainy Friday

Very popular so it was already crowded at around 5:30pm on a Friday night so there may be a wait for now.

Mon-Sun 5pm - 11pm


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