Just a reminder to all ramen fans! Pork bone broth is "TONKOTSU", NOT "TONKATSU". TonkAtsu is breaded deep fried port cutlet, not pork bone broth!!
Hint: If a server says Tonkatsu Ramen at a restaurant, don't expect authentic ramen. Ton = Pork🐷, kotsu = Bone🍖

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Bon No Kaze - Sapporo, Hokkaido 🇯🇵 凡の風 - 北海道札幌市

Hokkaido Ramen

Bon No Kaze, I have seen them online and this was a must visit for me. The owner chef makes all the ramens and is so dedicated to what he does. They server shoyu, shio and miso and are all equally popular. 
Shoyu Ramen - This was one of my favorite ramen that I had during my trip so far! Broth is chicken only. The shoyu umami is so deep, chashu and memma was one of the best, everything about it was so good.
 Good noodles!
Definitely one shop that I would come back to when I am in Sapporo!!!

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