Just a reminder to all ramen fans! Pork bone broth is "TONKOTSU", NOT "TONKATSU". TonkAtsu is breaded deep fried port cutlet, not pork bone broth!!
Hint: If a server says Tonkatsu Ramen at a restaurant, don't expect authentic ramen. Ton = Pork🐷, kotsu = Bone🍖

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Hakodate Menchubou Ajisai - Sapporo, Hokkaido 🇯🇵 函館麺厨房あじさい 札幌店 - 北海道札幌市

Hokkaido Ramen

I was not able to visit Hakodate on this trip so I visited the famous Hakodate Menchubou Ajisai Sapporo shop located by the Sapporo station. They are famous for their clear shio ramen.
Shio soup is light but full of umami. Can easily finish the whole bowl! Chashu was juicy and tasty as well!! 
Medium thin noodles matches perfectly with the light shio soup 

They are located inside the Sapporo Ramen Republic which includes 8 different ramen shops from Hokkaido

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